Sand Storm

Dana Alfardan

Sandstorm, an Instrumental album by Qatari composer Dana Alfardan. MAias joins at this album by "Lusture", composed by Dana & MAias, performed by Doha String Quartet & Friends Feat. MAias

Windows to the East

Chameleon Orchestra

compositions of Christian Wirth, Orwa Saleh, Maias Alyamani, David Halasz, Marco Palewicz, Stephan Punderlitschek, Mohamed Abdelwahab, Farid Al-Atrash. in this Album, MAias participates as a composer and soloist in 2 tracks " One Way Ticket to Damascus " and " Warda "

Through the Golden Ages - Soundtrack

MAias Alyamani

A Soundtrack of Documentary " Through the Golden Ages" composed by MAias Alyamani. Film is Directed by Shamir Allibhai & Produced by Big Dreams Production


MAias Alyamani

MAias Alyamani, Solo Violin and Conductor - Geroge Oro, Percussion - Qatar Philharmonic Strings - Music by Maias Alyamani. " Nai Concerto" composed by S.Badreddin.

Audio cd 2

Till Dawn

Tango Nuevo

Soledad (violin), Christoph Schmitz (cello) and Joris Laenen (piano) met each other in Doha, Qatar when they joined the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. . A shared passion for the Tango inspired them to awaken the Argentinean soul in Qatar. MAias joins at this album as a composer for " Tango 0+ "

Harem's Secret, Vol. 3

Various Artists

(Compiled By Gülbahar Kültür) Released: 20 September 2013 ℗ 2013 Lola's World Records

This double-album includes MAias's " Sea Waves ".

Opening Ceremony of 12th Arab Games - DVD

David Atkins Enterprises

With the Emmy-award music director and composer Dave Pierce, MAias participated to compose for Opening Ceremony of 12th Arab Games in Doha 2011


MAias Alyamani

MAias Alyamani, Solo Violin - Maria Arnaout, 2nd Solo Violin " in Oriental Dances"
Missak Baghboudarian, Conductor - Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra - Music by MAias Alyamani

Audio cd 2

Songs of Syria

MAqam Ensemble - MAias Alyamani

A collection of songs produced by Syrian and American musicians, as part of the open hands initiative

Liva at Aspire Hall

MAqam ensemble - MAias Alyamani

MAias Alyamani, Violin - Maria Arnaout, Violin - Hassan Moutaz, Cello - Hosam Haggag, Double Bass - Rami Tarraf, Percussion - Music by MAias Alyamani

Audio cd 2

Syrian Contemporary Chamber Music

Damascus Festival Chamber Players

Kinan Azmeh, Clarinet - MAias Alyamani, Violin - Wissam Bin Ammar, Viola - Hassan Moutaz, Cello - Rami Khalife, Piano - Works by Succari, Roustom, Badreddin and Jabri

Blending Cultured

OFID Orchestra

MAias Alyamani, Solo Violin - OFID Orchestra - Works by various composers, commissioned by OFID

Violin In Syria - Book

MAias Alyamani

This book is about the fascinating world of Violin in Syria and Middle-east. It is an attempt to explore the unique combination of Western Violin instrument and arabic music. When I began to write this book, I started to search for informations about violin performing and performers in Syria and other arabic countries. It was surprising for me that I could hardly find any written and comprehensive source on this subject. That's why the following work is the result of personal interviews and my own knowledge of arabic music. As I had the honour to personally know the mentioned prominent personalities in this book, most of biographical information is based on original sources.