MAjazz Band

Almost 20 years since studying together in Damascus, MAias and Salah meet again, this time in Vienna. 

Julia, Maria and Oliver never shared the stage in this particular constellation despite knowing each other for over a decade and sharing the same music scene for as many years.

These five walked their own musical paths, accumulating diverse artistic experiences on their way to finally team up in 2017 to create their very unique project - “MAjazz”. 

“MAjazz” is a musical journey of pure oriental music and classy jazzy grooves to tell you the story all the way, from maqam to jazz!


MAias’s Story:

Hi, My name is MAias, and I want to share my story with you.

I grew up in the old city of  Damascus, near the mosque of the great Sufi master,  Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi (1165 – 1240). There, I listened to the music and I watched the rites of his Sufi followers. I became a musician and performed at the best concert halls around the world with top artists such as Yo Yo Ma, Daniel Baremboim, Gidon Kremer, but I also had other occasions where I found myself playing near a kebab stand, and once I was with a singer who fell drunk on the stage—in front of 16,000 people. I played a lot with Arab pioneers like Fairuz, Sabah Fakhri, Ziad Rahbani, but I also witnessed how to make real authentic music at house concerts in Damascus and Aleppo.

My career took me to the jazz world. I played with legends such as Dave Pierce, Joe Zawinul, and  curated concerts for Jazz at Lincoln Center overseen by Winton Marsales and enjoyed it as if I had escaped from school to play music with my friends.

With MAjazz I tell my story —all the way— with maqam music from my childhood to the moment I dove into the jazz ocean.