MAqam considered as one of the most famous music ensembles in the Middle-East.  In 2006 Maias established a flexible music group "MAqam Ensemble" in Vienna, specializing in classical Arabic music. Since its inception the ensemble had enjoyed tremendous success in Europe and the Middle East having performed over 200 concerts in 31 countries

Maqam consists of young musicians, sharing the highest level of musical education as well as a special talent and passion for their work. the ensemble is specialized in performing Middle-eastern and Arabic music with a modern, structured but accessible approach, all the while preserving the spirit and character of the arabic music and art, amalgamating classical Arab music traditions with the Western performance practice, with the underlying idea of bringing Arab music to broader audiences.
MAqam has its own original repertoire, which composed or arranged especially for it by MAias and specific composers. 

in 2016, MAqam won a grant from Arab Fund for Arts and Culture to recored a double album for the 10th anniversary of MAqam's establishment.